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Team Dairyland Membership

  • Team Dairyland Annual Membership​​

    • FREE registration for Dairyland Games

    • FREE access to a team coach at Dairyland Games

    • FREE access to a team coach at Move United Nationals

      • *if greater than 3 Team Dairyland Members qualify and attend Move United Nationals

    • FREE registration for

      • Fitness Foundations Progra

      • Track & Field Practices

      • Adaptive & Wheelchair Tennis Clinics

    • 15% OFF apparel & merchandise sales

    • End of Year Celebration

  • *COMPETITION ONLY* Membership

    • Access to coaching, registration guidance, classification guidance, equipment assistance, and team swag!​

    • Dairyland Games - $35

    • Hartford Nationals - $75

Why join Team Dairyland?

Dairyland Sports offers year-round programming and events for both youth and adults with physical disabilities. These programs include opportunities to try new sports and fitness activities for the first time to learn new skills, or to train at a high-level for experienced athletes. Our annual sports offerings include track, field, swimming, powerlifting, wheelchair & adaptive tennis, para powerlifting, strength & conditioning, wheelchair basketball, and much more! 

Be part of a growing team with us at Dairyland Sports, build new friendships with peers in your community, and reach your highest potential by joining #TeamDairyland!

What is the cost of  membership

The cost of an annual Team Dairyland membership is $275 per year for unlimited access. Or, if you simply want to have coaching, guidance, and team comraderie at competitions only, you may elect for a *Competition Only* Membership for $35 at Dairyland Games, and/or $75 for Nationals

Team Dairyland membership allow our local athletes to discover new friendships, new skills, and new opportunities to reach their highest potential - that is priceless!

Team Dairyland Member Registration
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