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Protecting our Participants

Dairyland Sports prioritizes the safety of our athletes, families, volunteers, and staff members above all else. We aim to create an environment that is safe and welcoming of all individuals, and we have taken additional steps to ensure this for our participants. For this reason, all Dairyland Sports staff and regular volunteers are required to receive awareness training and certifications through the US Center for SafeSport prior to participation in our organization. This training ensures that our staff and volunteers are appropriately trained to recognize, react, and respond to signs of athlete abuse or misconduct. If you would like to view our specific organizational policies related to the protection of our athletes and prevention of abuse, please click here. 

COVID-19 Policy

Dairyland Sports has established a COVID-19 policy that aims to protect the health & safety of all participants & attendees at our programming. Unfortunately, it is impossible to guarantee an individual will not be exposed to COVID-19 in sport, fitness, & recreational activities or other activities hosted, supported, or advertised by Dairyland Sports. Please review our policy to make sure you are aware of the proper steps and procedures we have in place to protect the health & well-being of our participants. 

Filing an Incident Report

The following incident report form should be used to report all forms of misconduct or abuse to Dairyland Sports, whether known or reasonably suspected, in order for Dairyland Sports to ensure the continued safety and well-being of all participants involved in our programming. This form does NOT meet your requirements to make a report to law enforcement where required to do so.

Incident Report

Offender Information

This section is about the individual you are reporting. Please provide as much information as possible.



Positions Individual Held

Organization where individual works and/or volunteers or worked/volunteered previously:

Incident Information

This section asks questions about the incident or incidents you are reporting. Please provide as much specific information as you are able.

Victim Information

This section is for information about the victim or victims. If you are the victim and wish to remain anonymous, you may do so. In that case, please enter only your age, city, state, and chapter affiliation.



Phone Number  (Note, if this person is under 18, please provide contact information for his/her parent or guardian):

Contact Email Address (if this individual is under 18, please provide contact information for parent or guardian):

Reporter Information

You may remain anonymous if you wish. However, providing your information is vastly helpful to a swift and effective investigation. A person reporting alleged misconduct should not fear any retribution and/or consequence when filing a report he or she believes to be true.

Relationship to victim (if any)

Other Information

If you have any other information that you feel would be helpful to an investigation of the alleged offense you have reported, please enter it here:

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