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Support #TeamDairyland

As a small nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on community support to sustain our programming, education, and advocacy for adaptive sports in Wisconsin. 

You can make a HUGE impact through charitable giving so that we can continue to provide low or no-cost community programming for a very deserving population. 

100% of all donations directly support the mission of Dairyland Sports - we are proud to serve you!
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It takes a lot of people, time, and resources to host our annual programming. Support us today with the gift of money.

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Personal checks written out to:

Dairyland Sports
PO Box 45736
Madison, WI 53744


Dairyland Sports offers both local and national programming for youth and adults with disabilities. Adaptive sports & fitness equipment is anywhere from 5-15x more expensive than traditional sports equipment, which puts a large burden on families to gain access to necessary sports equipment that allows participation in adaptive sports.  

Dairyland Sports is working to change that. 

Contact us today to view our equipment wishlist for assistance with purchasing. We additionally have needs for gently used equipment - consider donating today


Do you have old sports equipment laying around collecting dust?

Do you have skills or talents that you think would help Dairyland Sports? 


Is your business looking to collaborate or assist in hosting Dairyland Sports events?


We're always on the lookout for in-kind donations that may help with our mission!


 Please reach out to to let us know how you can help! Check out the Sponsor & Donor Packet below for more information!

Friends of Dairyland

We thank you for your generous support! 

Nancy Mlsna, Gregg Baumgarten, Natalie Freedman, Jeff & Jennifer Graboski, Jill & Cole Ingram, Sarah Olson, Belinda Olson, Dianne Lahey, Jim Graboski, Mary Chris Graboski, Cathy Ferk, Sosamma Samuel-Burnett, Adam & Caitlin Thielen, Nancy Ross, Stephen Decker, Deb Davis, Sue Jacobson, Lisa Washa, Swim West Madison, Steve Garvoille, Brandon Holstein, Megan Bergstrom, Mo O'Grady, Amie Tolbert, Jennifer Hornbaker, Mitch Lundquist, Pam Tipton, Stuart Smith, Megan Duckett, Beth Ferstl, Stephanie Grobe, Susan Frikken, Leslie Chaplin, Jim Graboski, Shasta Fleming, Jay Servis, Rachel McDonald, Nancy Sexton, Austin Schyvinck

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